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Guide on the Use of Electronic Signatures - Part 1: Legal and Technical Aspects

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Informatiebeveiliging, Cyber security en Privacy
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2004
Taal Engels
Successful implementation of European Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community framework for electronic signatures [Dir.1999/93/EC] requires standards for services, processes, systems and products related to electronic signatures as well as guidance for conformity assessment of such services, processes, systems and products. In 1999 the European ICT Standards Board, with the support of the European Commission, undertook an initiative bringing together industry and public authorities, experts and other market players, to create the European Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative (EESSI). Within this framework the Comité Européen de Normalisation / Information Society Standardisation System (CEN/ISSS) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute / Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ETSI/ESI) were entrusted with the execution of a work programme to develop generally recognized standards to support the implementation of [Dir.1999/93/EC] and development of a European electronic signature infrastructure. The CEN/ISSS Workshop on electronic signatures (WS/E-SIGN) resulted in a set of deliverables, CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA), which contributed towards those generally recognized standards. The present document is one such CWA. The purpose of this CWA is to give guidance on the use of electronic signatures. Whilst the focus often has been on "qualified electronic signatures" as specified in Article 5.1 of the Directive, a side effect was that the requirements of employing general electronic signatures (referred to as "5.2 signatures") in e-commerce were not sufficiently addressed. The purpose of this part of the CWA is therefore to describe the general legal and technical aspects of electronic signatures, and thus extend the work to e-commerce scenarios, paying special attention to technologies with a high deployment capacity, to enable trust, without the need to meet all the strict requirements for "Article 5.1 Signatures". This part of the CWA is intended for use by both legal and technical experts in the area of electronic signatures, as well as designers of systems and products in this area. The CWA consists of the following parts: · Part 1;Legal and technical aspects (this part) · Part 2;Protection Profile for Software Signature-Creation Devices This version of this CWA Part was published 2004-03. A list of the individuals and organizations which supported the technical consensus represented by this CEN Workshop Agreement is available to purchasers from the CEN Central Secretariat.


ICS-code 35.030
Engelse titel Guide on the Use of Electronic Signatures - Part 1: Legal and Technical Aspects



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