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Internationalisatie van de IEEE Learning Object Metadata

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2003
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The purpose of the internationalisation is to investigate and give guidelines about critical factors that could affect LOM to improve search, retrieval, and reuse of learning objects in a multicultural and multilingual scenario. Assuming the international version of LOM is the IEEE LTSC LOM document, its internationalisation starts with a study on the capability of each data element to support different localisations, both in terms of applicability to diverse languages ( multilinguality) and to different cultural contexts ( multiculturality). After an analysis of all LOM elements, the PT has identified some of them which need to be improved to fit into multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. Concrete proposals to solve these problems have been reported, at least as a possible starting point for a potential further elaboration of LOM. Particular attention has been given to the use of restricted vocabularies in element values: the user has to clearly understand such items, that must be properly translated, bearing in mind a validated mapping between the meaning in the different used languages. The relevance of this aspect has also been recognized during the IEEE LOM translation process which is being carried out within the CEN/ISSS Learning Technology Workshop.


ICS-code 3.180
Nederlandse titel Internationalisatie van de IEEE Learning Object Metadata
Engelse titel Internationalisation of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata



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