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Richtlijnen voor normeerders van ICT producten en diensten in het CEN ICT domein

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Commissie Informatievoorziening in de zorg
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2003
Taal Engels
This EC/EFTA funded project is focussed on producing guidelines for standardisers which complement ISO/IEC Guidelines 71 or CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Guide 6. Its precise remit was dictated by the European Commission's Mandate M273 to the Standards Bodies for Standardisation in the field of information and communications technologies (ICT) for disabled and elderly people. M273 was the result of serious concern in the EU that disabled and older people are a large and growing proportion of the European population. There is large overlap between these two groups since disability is strongly age-related, with 70% of people with activity limitation being aged 60 or over. The overall numbers in this group are estimated to be between 60-80 million. The changing European age structure means that by the year 2020, one in four of the population will be over 60, and the largest increase is expected in the oldest groups (75+) where disability is most prevalent. M273 acknowledged that the provision of technology-based solutions for integrating disabled and older people and helping them to lead full and independent lives requires several complementary strands. The most appropriate to the present effort are: design-for-all (DFA), information and communications technologies (ICTs) and the right political environment. Standardisation is the cement that can gel the three strands to maximise effectiveness. These guidelines acknowledge the above strands by focusing on two sets of information: description of the political background (aimed at the political entities both inside and outside standardisation) and more detailed service/product specific guidance, aimed at designers of ICT systems.


ICS-code 11.080.01
Nederlandse titel Richtlijnen voor normeerders van ICT producten en diensten in het CEN ICT domein
Engelse titel Guidelines to Standardisers of ICT Products and services in the CEN ICT domain



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