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Ingebouwde IC kaartlezer (embedded FINREAD) voor financiƫle transacties - Deel 1: Zakelijke eisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2004
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The present document identifies the business requirements for an Embedded FINREAD IC card reader. It is driven by the intention of the participating international financial schemes, network operators and the manufacturing industry. In addition to the already existing or known requirements, this specification aims to be open, as much as possible, for future developments in the addressed domains. For the CEN/ISSS Workshop Agreement it is a requirement to provide a specification that is as flexible as possible. This will ensure that an Embedded FINREAD IC card reader or a device hosting the Embedded FINREAD functionality will be capable of becoming the standard platform for security related applications in domains such as payment, government or health. An Embedded FINREAD device is based on the architecture, infrastructure and the services of a hosting system (e.g. mobile devices such as mobile phone, Web Pad, PDA, PPC, or Mobile Card Terminal, and stationary devices like set-top boxes, PC and many more). The host system is extended by some integrated, adapted or coupled part, representing the Embedded FINREAD IC card reader which offers the means to:- Process an IC card; - Interface with the user;- Provide security functions to applications using it; - Provide network capabilities and/or local communication facilities. The logic unit of both entities (Hosting system and Embedded FINREAD IC card reader) is defined as an Embedded FINREAD device. Devices covered by this standard can be classified into two different types:- private devices as a definition for devices used in the private environment such as IC card readers connected to a PC, set-top boxes etc.; - personal devices as a definition for devices that are mobile, but used under the control of an individual, such as mobile phones, PDAs, etc. Compared with devices used in the private environment, the user of a mobile device is already aware of the risk of loss and theft of his device. Based on this classification , several requirements are clearly restricted to a specific type. The functionality of an Embedded FINREAD device should nevertheless be independent from the hosting device and a given implementation of the Embedded FINREAD specifications.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Nederlandse titel Ingebouwde IC kaartlezer (embedded FINREAD) voor financiƫle transacties - Deel 1: Zakelijke eisen
Engelse titel Embedded financial transactional IC card reader (embedded FINREAD) - Part 1: Business requirements



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