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Ingebouwde IC kaartlezer (Embedded FINREAD) voor financiƫle transacties - Deel 2: Functionele architectuur en technische eisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2004
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The purpose of this document is to describe the inclusion (embedding) of the functionality of a FINREAD IC card reader as specified within CEN/ISSS CWA 14174 into a range of hosting devices such as mobile phones, set-top boxes or PDAs. This document outlines an abstract overview of the main characteristics of such a reader, and with this concept in mind, provides an analysis of the technology as well as the architecture of such hosting device. The analysis will concentrate on: - the main characteristics and the environment of each generic device; - important and relevant standards or existing initiatives; - expected evolution of devices and standards; - the technical architecture (hardware and software); - the security provided by such a device; - the handling and portability of applications used with such devices; - restrictions and limitations identified; - and the architectural elements and functions on which a common approach could be based. This analysis is used to outline common architectural elements and functions. Once identified, the common aspects, will be used to construct a common architecture and to define a subset of available functions. This document will also restrict the scope of the specifications only to necessary elements, by providing a generic model. The aim is to avoid conflict with existing requirements and technical limitations of these new domains. Furthermore, the Embedded FINREAD concept should fit in with existing devices and domains without impacting or hampering their main use. The generic model of Embedded FINREAD is used to specify the technical requirements, security and functions at a device independent level. When applied to a PC as a possible hosting device, the generic model of Embedded FINREAD will lead to a solution made up of a PC and a separate FINREAD card reader as defined in CEN/ISSS CWA 14174.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Nederlandse titel Ingebouwde IC kaartlezer (Embedded FINREAD) voor financiƫle transacties - Deel 2: Functionele architectuur en technische eisen
Engelse titel Embedded Financial transactional IC card reader (Embedded FINREAD) - Part 2: Functional Architecture and Technical Requirements



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