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Elektronische handel : een gevalsstudie van de schoenenindustrie in Europa


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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2003
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The present document gives guidance to the developers of e-commerce system to be used by any trading partner in the shoe manufacturing industry and the corresponding distribution activity. Having been originally designed in order to satisfy the priority goal of the EFNET 2 program, parts of this CWA have deliberately limited ambitions. This is in particular the case of the content of the e-business documents and of the Communication protocols. However, this CWA contains the corresponding recommendations which can be used to get started and to acquire experience in e-trading without imposing major modifications to the users (manufacturers, retailers, buying groups etc.. The corresponding CWA are said to be Informative CWA. Being conscious of that situation, the EFNET 2 experts have endeavoured to deliver to the FINEC Workshop more ambitious guidance and indications which pave the way for future developments, not constrained by the limitations of the existing implementations made by the legacy national systems. This CWA contains an overview of reduced and extended XML schemas developed by EFNET 2 and discussed by footwear associations in the FINEC Workshop. It contains recommendations which have a real economic value, as they are based on the in depth analysis of users' needs. They are still some problems to overcome. The EFNET extended schemas are still not EAN-UCC compliant. The long standing policy of the European shoe traders consists in working in good understanding with EANUCC, to reach a solution on ecommerce for the footwear industry accepted globally and not only on European scale. The European Footwear Associations (Manufacturers and Retailers) therefore have asked to further develop the schemas in order to reach compliance with EAN-UCC rules. The use of EFNET 2 schemes is recommended as regards their content but not their structure, which will have to be aligned to EAN-UCC rules. The work is being carried out in 2003 under the coordination of CEC (European Footwear Manufacturers Association) but it is outside the scope of this CWA3. To summarise, this CWA concerns the trading partners in the shoe sector, including manufacturers, intermediaries or retailers, providers of Efficient Resource Planning systems (ERP) and of Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) and e-commerce service providers. The CWA distinguishes the communication protocols on the one hand and business documents on the other hand.


ICS-code 35.240.50
Nederlandse titel Elektronische handel : een gevalsstudie van de schoenenindustrie in Europa
Engelse titel Electronic commerce: a case study of the footwear industry in Europe



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