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Web Services - Technology and Standardization Aspects

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2004
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The present document gives guidance on technological and standardization aspects in the area of Web services. Within the overall scope, three main parts can be identified: _ An analysis of existing standardization work and technological foundations for Web services. _ A brief overview of areas of applications for Web services. _ Derived from the first two parts, the identification of current short comings of Web services. The analytical part comprises the following aspects: _ Standardization initiatives that specify basic technologies, also business process related activities and those that deal with the security of Web services. _ Analysis criteria for Web services, especially from the security and the quality point of view. _ Development platforms and frameworks that enable and facilitate the use of Web services in professional environments. _ Software tools that are available on the market that support Web services technologies. _ The relationship between Web services technologies and the Semantic Web. _ The selected fields of applications are supposed to identify the main scenarios under which Web services are currently used. Considering the requirements of the latter and the capabilities of the current technological state of the art, shortcomings are outlined in the subsequent part. The present document is applicable to all users of Web services technologies. It should provide them with a guidance to gain a clear understanding of the technological and business opportunities of Web services. The application of the document is not restricted to any type of organization.


ICS-code 35.080
Engelse titel Web Services - Technology and Standardization Aspects



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