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European eConstruction Framework (EeF)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2004
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This CWA describes a framework for 'ICT in Construction' or "Construction ICT" or 'eConstruction' (since Internet/WWW technologies form a key ingredient in this framework). It defines in a fairly complete and logical (coherent and consistent) way the terms and concepts relevant for this scope being the topic Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in the context of the Construction Industry sector. The purpose of this CWA is to define the relevant 'space' for eConstruction limiting the misconception and miscommunication as described in the introduction. This framework can function as a reference of the basic terms and concepts for all stakeholders, not just researchers but also clients, owners, users, funders and the building industry parties themselves (architects, engineers, consultants, main/sub-contractors, suppliers and their umbrella and service organisations). Especially strategists and people having to decide on future ICT innovation steps are within the intended audience. Especially in the context of this CEN/ISSS workshop on eConstruction it is seen as the fundamental CWA. The way of thinking according to this framework is the starting point for the more detailed/specific and often more technical CWAs. In a more general sense the framework provides a kind of "frame of reference" for the world of "eConstruction" that addresses and supports in many ways Construction, ICT and their interrelationships, strengthening the health and innovation power of this important European industry sector.


ICS-code 35.240.67
Nederlandse titel European eConstruction Framework (EeF)
Engelse titel European eConstruction Framework (EeF)



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