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European eConstruction Architecture (EeA)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2004
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This CWA describes an Architecture for 'ICT in Construction' or 'Construction ICT' or 'eConstruction', since Internet technologies form a key ingredient in this architecture. It defines in a coherent and consistent way relevant logical ICT components in ICT systems relevant for this scope being the topic Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in the context of the Construction Industry sector. This architecture is fully based on the CWA1 (ICT framework) and can function as a reference of the basic entities (functionalities and data) for all stakeholders, not just researchers but also clients, owners, users, founders and the building industry parties themselves (architects, engineers, consultants, main/subcontractors, suppliers and their associated umbrella and service organisations). As starting point we took the "Generic Tools" trend form CWA1 with its Sector Dependence dimension. We use it to clearly position the architecture in the area of "Construction" or more precise the "Construction Industry Sector" covering both the Buildings (residential, utility, technical, ...) and Constructions (roads, railways, bridges, ...) sub-sectors. The construction industry sector is seen as part of the more generic Large Scale Engineering (LSE) sector which is characterized by large, complex, often non-unique products designed and produced by multiple partners that have to work and communicate together intensively. The architecture indicates from a logical (non-implementation) perspective relevant scopes like product lifecycle and supply-chain phase and essential key ICT Components & their integrating ICT Infrastructures. Examples of ICT components include (construction) product data repositories, (construction) ontology servers and associated services. It is emphasized that implementation issues with respects to CASE and/or Implementation Platforms (Protégé, Microsoft .Net, Sun Java / One, Open Source approaches like Apache and mySQL) are not discussed here to keep the architecture logical and implementation-independent. This CWA is deemed relevant for all those people involved in some way in decision making for Vision & Mission development, roadmaps and Strategy determination with respect to Construction ICT (Figure 3).


ICS-code 35.240.67
Engelse titel European eConstruction Architecture (EeA)



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