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Guidelines for XML/EDITEX messages in the textile/clothing sector

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2004
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The CWA presents guidelines for the design and implementation of an XML based framework for the communication of players in the TCD chain. It provides common infrastructure components (namely sector specific terms and definitions as well as technology related terms and definitions) and functional features that must be addressed for its successful adoption in business practice ( e.g. security, accountability versatility etc). The practice and workflow scenarios that can be derived from the Moda-ML and eTexML experiences are included as a best practice description. The best practice suggestion includes also validation procedures for testing the conformity for implementation within such framework. The convergence of the approaches are discussed and put in context of the ebXML initiative in progress. The document contains suggestions for monitoring developments and implementing steps in the direction taken by the ebXML initiative. The CWA also includes an inventory of industry and technology related standards and the procedures to maintain this inventory. The present CWA is considered as pre-normative guideline for the adoption of a technology by a specific industry group with common interests. In this respect, the structure and the content of the CWA serves the following purposes: - To inform interested readers from within the industry group (market players) on the status-of-theart and on the methods they can jointly follow in order to facilitate interaction among themselves. - To allow readers from outside the group decide on the adoption of new methods which could allow them to entertain easier interactions with their specific industry group


ICS-code 35.240.63
Engelse titel Guidelines for XML/EDITEX messages in the textile/clothing sector



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