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Beproeving en evaluatie van mijnopruimingsmachines

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2004
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The scope of the CWA is to provide standardized methodology for testing and evaluation of Demining Machines. It gives technical criteria for the following: - Performance test A test to establish whether the machine and its tool is capable of performing the role for which it is intended under comparable and repeatable conditions and to evaluate the manufacturer's specifications. See Annex 1. - Survivability test A test of the effects of explosive forces on the machine and operators. The explosive force used will be based on the level of threat against which the machine is designed. See Annex 2. - Acceptance test A test to ensure that the machine is able to work in the environment where it is intended to be used. The criteria shall provide guidelines for local authorities when accrediting machines. See Annex 3. - Test targets Requirements for targets used in the above tests. See Annex 4. For the purposes of this document, demining machines are defined as those machines whose stated purpose is the detonation, destruction or removal of landmines. This does not necessarily imply a fully demined area following passage of the machine. Ground preparation machines are those which are primarily intended to improve the efficiency of subsequent demining activities such as manual demining. This may include breaking of hard ground, vegetation cutting, fragment removal, or rubble removal. It may or may not involve the detonation, destruction or removal of landmines.


ICS-code 95.040
Nederlandse titel Beproeving en evaluatie van mijnopruimingsmachines
Engelse titel Test and evaluation of demining machines
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