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European eConstruction Meta-Schema (EeM)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2004
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This document defines the difference between meta-schemas operating as a definition for data provision and ontology acting as the specification of value and relationship at an operational level. It describes a number of meta-schemas that have been developed to support 'ICT in Construction' (or any synonym thereof as described in CWA 14946:2004). The purpose of this document is to define the required content of a meta-schema that is within the 'space' of eConstruction and to recommend approaches to their use in a consistent way. This document can function as a reference for meta-schema for all stakeholders, not just researchers but also clients, owners, users, founders and the building industry parties themselves (architects, engineers, consultants, main/sub-contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and their umbrella and service organisations). Especially strategists and people having to decide on future ICT innovation steps are within the intended audience. This document provides foundation material that describes the concept of a meta-schema and develops some key ideas that may be described within such a meta-schema that is applied to the domain of building construction. A distinction is made between the concept of the meta-schema and the broader idea of ontology that is further described in the CWA "European eConstruction Ontology". In the context of this document, the term meta-schema is used to make a set of fundamental ideas explicit using a formal language. A meta-schema can then be used by extension in the actual creation of a schema or ontology that will do something useful. Section 1 defines the scope of this Agreement. Section 2 identifies the references that constitute provisions of this Agreement. Section 3 provides an overview of an information modelling framework in which the separation of ideas between language, schema and objects is defined. Section 4 provides information on formal languages in which meta-schemas applicable to building construction are, or may be, expressed. Section 5 describes the concept of a set of schemas that allow us to make an abstraction of the real world in a useful form. Section 6 considers the current state of development of schemas relevant to building construction and defines recommendations for progress in further development. Appendix A provides information on current schema developments in building construction. Appendix B provides information on schemas that underlie some basic working ideas in building construction and that are particularly relevant to further expansion in discussions on ontology. Appendix C discusses the interrelationships that may be seen amongst schemas. Appendix D makes some comparisons between leading candidates for schema standardisation.


ICS-code 35.240.99
Engelse titel European eConstruction Meta-Schema (EeM)



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