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Guidance for the Deployment of the EU e-Government metadata framework

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2005
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The present document gives guidance on the deployment of the EU e-Government Metadata Framework. The Framework itself is reported in CWA 15245. This document is the result of co-operation between the members of the CEN/ISSS MMI-DC workshop in the period between January 2004 and December 2004 and capitalises on work reported in CWA 14859 [1] and CWA 14860 [2]. The present document is applicable to three main categories of people: 1) strategic decision makers 2) policy makers 3) metadata providers Vendors of systems and software will not be addressed directly but it is conceivable that they will also benefit from the material. The aim of this document is to provide usable guidelines for Members States that wish to adopt a European dimension to their metadata standards. For Member States with a national metadata standard is place, this document does not suggest replacing it but rather complementing it with a European dimension. For Member States without a national metadata standard, this document suggests the use of the Application Profile proposed in CWA 14860. The document further aims to provide an initial view of deploying the EU e-Government Metadata Framework reported in CWA 15245. We acknowledge that establishing the necessary organisational and technical infrastructure is a non-trivial task. It is therefore advised that further work is performed in this direction. In this respect, it is suggested that a central e-Government Interoperability Centre is established and a CEN e-Government Focus Group is set. It is further believed that a pilot would provide valuable feedback as to the efficient and effectively of the proposed approach. Finally, the contents and relationships between the four CWAs on e-Government metadata are as follows: - CWA 14860 presents a proposed e-Government metadata application profile. This is based on DC and MIReG and includes elements and element refinements found in national standards of UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. - CWA 14859 provides guidelines for Member States that do not currently have a metadata standard in place. - CWA 15245 presents a number of metadata-related standards and proposes a general framework for e-Government metadata in Europe. The aim of this framework is to enable interoperability between possibly different metadata standards in various Member States. This is achieved by adopting the application profile reported in CWA 14860 as a common "bridge" that allows building one multilateral solution instead of many bi-lateral ones. - CWA 15246 presents simple deployment guidelines of the framework reported in CWA 15245. It provides guidelines for the central e-Government Interoperability Centre envisaged and for Member States with and without national standards in place. It also lists relevant standards that could be used by Member States in their relevant tendering processes.


ICS-code 35.240.95
Engelse titel Guidance for the Deployment of the EU e-Government metadata framework



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