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Architecture for a European interoperable eID system within a smart card infrastructure

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2005
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This part of the CWA defines the interoperability architecture for the implementation of a smart-card based interoperable public eAuthentication/eID infrastructure across Europe to be primarily used in the eGovernment domain. The workshop considers smart cards as being Integrated Circuits contact cards, Integrated Circuits contactless cards and combined cards with either 2 or more chips on board or 1 chip with both contact and contactless communication capabilities. Although the use of SIM cards is not considered explicitly in this document, this does not exclude the use of SIM card based eID, especially when used for authentication and digital signature purposes. This document models the Interoperability (IOP) problematic from different perspectives in the following order: - Context, concluding requirements - Concepts;functional 'view';technical architecture for a smart card based eID system using on-line eGovernment applications;dataflows 'view' (description independent from technical solutions);interoperability issues - Specifications / common requirements for interoperability The CWA eAuthentication intends to support migration from situation 1 (see below) where each eID-card has its own infrastructure and trust services into a situation 2 where card body, microprocessor, smart card infrastructure as well as trust services may be shared between different eService providers. The CWA considers the Identification, Authentication and electronic Signature function (IAS) as a generic one to be used for accessing online eGovernment services with smart cards. Issues regarding the content and internal way of function of an application are out of scope. The CWA does however describe the relevant interface between the generic function and the application.


ICS-code 35.240.15
Engelse titel Architecture for a European interoperable eID system within a smart card infrastructure



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