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Harmonisatie van woordenlijsten voor elearning

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2005
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The sharing of education related data and services makes them less costly, increases the supply, enhances the quality through incremental improvements, and allows a shorter time delivery. However, sharing of data, content, tools and services can only be achieved when clear technical agreements are made between all parties concerned. The more global this agreement is, the greater the benefit. On the other hand different communities have their own identity, language, and vocabularies which are important to express exactly what is meant. For instance the educational system in North America is differently structured than in Europe and it uses different terminology. Even in Europe great differences exist between different sectors. For example, a thesaurus applicable for vocational education is different from the one for schools. These naturally grown differences make the application of standards more complex and often less effective. In addition vocabularies are created again and again sometimes with differences that are not essential but that inhibit interoperability. This report provides concepts, techniques and guidelines for the harmonisation of vocabularies. The term vocabulary is used in this report in the broad sense, referring to value lists, classifications, taxonomies, glossaries, dictionaries, ontologies, and thesauri1.


ICS-code 1.020
Nederlandse titel Harmonisatie van woordenlijsten voor elearning
Engelse titel Harmonisation of vocabularies for eLearning



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