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Europees handboek voor Overheidsopdrachten op defensiegebied

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 15
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2011
Taal Engels
This CWA provides information about the CEN Workshop 10 "Standardization for Defence Procurement" (2002-2005 for Phase I, 2007-2008 for Phase II and 2010-2011 for Phase III) and its deliverable, the website "European Handbook for Defence Procurement". The European Handbook for Defence Procurement contains lists of recommended standards and specifications to be used in Defence Procurement for the following topics: - NBC detectors (CBRN Defence) - Energetic materials - Fuels and lubricants - Batteries - Packaging - Electrical interfaces - Electromagnetic environment - Environmental engineering - Armoured Land Vehicle Technology - Ammunition - Paints and coatings - Fluid handling systems - Life Cycle (Project) Management - Life Cycle Management (Technical Documentation) - Quality of electric power supply - Portable electric power generators - Methodology and terminology - Dependability / Safety - Waste management - Disposal of munitions The results of Phase II also took into account CWA 15537 on Network Enabled Abilities. This database is expected to be maintained by the European Defence Agency (EDA) as a stand-alone database, but linked to its European Defence Standards Information System (EDSIS).


ICS-code 95.040
Nederlandse titel Europees handboek voor Overheidsopdrachten op defensiegebied
Engelse titel European Handbook for Defence Procurement



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