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Nummering van en coderingsystemen voor treinen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2006
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Train identification is a key element for Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings and other companies involved in the interoperable rail transportation chain. The train identifier delineates the actual interoperable running train throughout its journey. The identifier SHALL therefore be unique at any given point in time as there SHALL not be two trains running simultaneously with the same identifier. This train identifier should not be confused with the path identification used by Infrastructure Managers in the process of path assembly and the train service number for operational purposes. This CWA includes the definitions and relationships between the PathIdent and TrainIdent as defined by the TAF-TSI. It also addresses the lifecycle of these entities over the course of an interoperable train journey. This CWA sets forth the coding structure to uniquely and unambiguously identify interoperable trains for use in applications following conventions for various purposes (documents, messages etc.) to meet the requirements and vision of the TAF-TSI. The code SHALL have sufficient flexibility to satisfy the expected demand for entries in the forthcoming decades. Where possible the code should be compatible with, but not limited to, the coding as defined in UIC/OSJD Leaflets 419-2, Analytical Numbering of International Freight Trains and 407-1, Standardised Data Exchange for the Execution of Train Operations, Including International Punctuality Analysis.


ICS-code 03.220.30
Nederlandse titel Nummering van en coderingsystemen voor treinen
Engelse titel Numbering of and coding system for trains



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