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Aanbevelingen voor E-Learning kwaliteitsmethoden

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2007
Taal Engels
Within the quality assurance working group in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36, a description format and a reference process model for quality approaches has been developed (ISO/IEC 19796-1). For this standard, a European guideline to adapt quality approaches is needed to ensure the inclusion of regional / cultural / organizational needs. This guideline identifies critical items which require a localization / adaptation / contextualization to European needs and requirements. All key stakeholders for the learning process are involved in the work on the adaptation guidelines based on the quality standard ISO/IEC 19796-1. Specifically learners, content providers, service providers, consultants, trainers and tutors, and administration are involved. This document shows different implementations to promote the European diversity of e-Learning quality approaches. Therefore, European requirements are included and promoted. The guideline will help to harmonize quality approaches, as well as maintaining diversity and individualization.


ICS-code 35.240.90
Nederlandse titel Aanbevelingen voor E-Learning kwaliteitsmethoden
Engelse titel Providing good practice for E-Learning quality approaches



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