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Business requirement specification - Cross industry catalogue

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2007
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This section describes the extent and limits of the business processes within the supply chain being described in this document. The class diagram of the catalogue business information is developed in such a way that it specifies the cross industry reusable Business Information Entities. It allows the extension of industry specific BIEs such as product specification details to describe a specific product. Each industry may specify, based on the BRS of the cross industry catalogue processes, its industry specific catalogue documents. The following table lists the context categories according to the Core Components Technical Specification and their values for the catalogue processes. The catalogue processes are used to offer goods or services by the Supplier to potential Customers and give basic information needed for ordering those goods or services. The processes cover:;Exchange of multi language catalogues or parts of catalogues;Exchange of multi Supplier catalogues or parts of catalogues;Customer specific items and prices, including contract prices. This document describes the process how to stucture information in electronic catalogues, so they can be sent to potential Customers, in whole or part, and be the basis for the ordering of the goods or services defined in those catalogues. Customers may ask for catalogue data ad hoc, or they may subscribe to parts of the catalogue data. Whenever the term 'catalogue' is used in this document it includes the term 'price list' as well.


ICS-code 35.240.50
Engelse titel Business requirement specification - Cross industry catalogue



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