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Business requirement specification - Cross industry invoicing process

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2007
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This section describes the extent and limits of the business process within the supply chain being described in this document. The class diagram of the invoice business transaction is developed in such a way that it specifies the cross industry reusable business information entities. It allows the extension of industry specific business information entities such as product specification details to describe a specific product. It is up to each industry to specify, based on the BRS of the cross industry invoice, its industry specific invoice transaction. The invoicing process is used to exchange the invoice between the supplier and the customer for the supply of goods or services ordered, delivered, received, consumed, etc. This document describes the variants of invoicing in use in trade and industry. It considers the legal statements and, to a certain extent, the corrections of a previously sent invoice, by using credit notes or debit notes. The following functions are part of the invoicing cycle, but only the treatment of the 'Traditional invoice' is dealt with at present. Treatment of the self-billing invoice will be developed in a second phase:;The treatment of the traditional or suppliers' initiated invoice;The treatment of the self-billing invoice (second phase) The payment and remittance processes are not part of the invoicing process, but are detailed in the payment process. To simplify understanding, the parties involved are limited to customer and supplier. In the total trade business, each of the parties can have more than one role. For the invoicing process, the customer can act as the customer, the buyer, the consignee, the invoicee and the ordering company. The supplier covers the roles of the seller, the sales agent or sales company, the consignor, the invoice issuer and payee. To ensure that the invoicing of the ordered, delivered, received or consumed goods or services are in line with common practice used between trading partners, the following scenarios are used:;The traditional invoicing, by the supplier to the customer (supplier is acting as the invoice issuer) The self-billing invoicing, by the customer to the supplier (customer is acting as the invoice issuer) in a second phase.


ICS-code 35.240.50
Engelse titel Business requirement specification - Cross industry invoicing process



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