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Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public procurement in Europe - Part 1: Profile overview

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The objective of Workgroup 1 of the BII workshop is to: provide specification of message content and business processes that facilitates business interoperability interfaces related to pan-European electronic transactions in public procurement. To facilitate implementation of electronic commerce in a standardized way, thereby enabling the development of standardized software solutions as well as efficient connections between trading partners without case-bycase specification of the data interchange, the workshop agreed to document the required business interoperability interfaces as profile descriptions. The end goal is to reduce the cost of implementing electronic commerce to a level that is economical for small and medium size companies and institutions. A profile description is a technical specification describing - the choreography of the business process(es) covered, i.e. a detailed description of the way the business partners collaborate to play their respective roles and share responsibilities to achieve mutually agreed goals with the support of their respective information systems, - the electronic business transactions exchanged as part of the business process and the sequence in which these transactions are exchanged, - the business rules governing the execution of that business process(es), its business collaborations and business transactions, as well as any constraints on information elements used in the transaction data models - the information content of the electronic business transactions exchanged by pointing to a given data model for each of the business transactions. As well as determining what business transactions are used, the profile restricts their content in terms of elements and the cardinality of elements. The key standardization aspect of the profile description is thus on the organisational and semantics interoperability levels rather than on syntax within the technical interoperability level. Consequently, the business transactions within a profile can be structured based on different message standards/syntax as long it contains all the necessary data elements. Although the profile descriptions and transaction data models provided by CEN BII will be neutral of syntax, the workshop has agreed to provide specifications of how its data models may be mapped to defined syntaxes. This is done in order provide the market with implementable specifications. It should be noted that the profile description does not attempt to address issues related to topics such as: - the actual transmission of the electronic messages, - security and confidentiality of the message exchange, - integrity, authentication and auditing of information content or - the process of implementing a solution based on the profile description. These issues have however been addressed by other deliverables of the CEN/ISSS WS/BII (see section 2 for reference to relevant documents). The main focus of the profile description and the associated transaction data models is to address generally expressed business requirements applicable throughout the European market. Although the profile description and associated transaction data model are designed to meet generally expressed requirements, it is still the responsibility of the users to ensure that the actual business transactions exchanges meets all the legal, fiscal and commercial requirements relevant to their business. This CWA provides an overview of the profile descriptions developed by CEN/ISSS WS/BII. The individual profile descriptions and their associated transaction data models are made available at .


ICS-code 03.100.10
Engelse titel Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public procurement in Europe - Part 1: Profile overview



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