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Feasibility Study for a Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2010
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This document presents preliminary results of an on-going feasibility analysis for Global Interoperability Test Bed Methodologies (GITB) for eBusiness testing. While eBusiness scenarios are widely adopted by users in industry, governments and the public sector, it is still cumbersome for them to reach interoperability of eBusiness solutions and to achieve conformance with standards specifications. Previous experiences demonstrate the need for more advanced testing methodologies and practices which cope with the relevant set of standards for realizing comprehensive eBusiness scenarios (i.e. business processes and choreography, business documents and transport and communication), and a test bed addressing the specific requirements of multi-partner interactions. The work on GITB is motivated by the increasing need to support testing of eBusiness scenarios as a means to achieve better compliance to standards and greater interoperability within and across the various industry, governmental and public sectors. Furthermore, the joint approach for developing a test bed across different world regions would positively affect development cost, capability, and compatibility of future testing facilities by leveraging best of class expertise and shared resources. GITB intends to increase the coordination between the manifold industry consortia and formal standards development organisations with the goal to increase awareness of testing in eBusiness standardization and to reduce the risk of fragmentation, duplication and conflicting eBusiness testing efforts. It thereby supports the goals of the European ICT standardization policy1 to increase the quality, coherence and consistency of ICT standards and provide active support to the implementation of ICT standards. The feasibility analysis is the first of the three development phases and will be followed by the architecting phase and the realisation phase.


ICS-code 35.240.63
Engelse titel Feasibility Study for a Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB)



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