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Guidelines for the design, implementation and operation of a product property server (ePPS)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2010
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The goal of this CWA is to consider various aspects of ePPS (electronic product property servers) which are operated to support the management, distribution and maintenance of meta data dictionaries. In part 1, technical aspects and standards will be discussed, in part 2, organizational aspects like requirements for all kinds of workflows, the evaluations of business models comprising also draft licensing agreements, copyright management issues, etc. are addressed, and in part 3, the user aspects are discussed. To prepare this CWA, the following activities were accomplished. Market analysis to identify current implementations and research on requirements and needs Analysis of current implementations including a survey with a standardized questionnaire Examination of the returned questionnaires and consolidation of learning into a list of requirements and needs Part 1 of this CWA contains information about dictionary models which are in use for modeling dictionary information and exchange mechanisms for dictionary information. Specifically the standard ISO 29002 is described as a mechanism to exchange information from various dictionaries by means of a single interface. Since ISO 8000 puts specific requirements on the exchange of catalogues and makes dictionaries an indispensible element of this activity, the basic concepts of ISO 8000 are also discussed. Part 2 of this CWA contains information about the workflows which were developed and are used by the organizations providing ePPS-systems as well as the legal requirements to distribute and use content. Two questionnaires were sent out to dictionary providers and to dictionary users to survey existing implementations and learn about requirements from providers and industry perspective. Also skills and competences required to participate in the development and maintenance of content are discussed. Dictionary providers offer different business models on how to participate in content generation and also how content of the dictionaries is made available to users. Part 3 discusses ePPS from the point of companies and industries. It describes a number of scenarios in which ePPS can be used beneficially and gives information about organizational requirements for companies to use external ePPSs and illustrates how the use of and the direct connection to an ePPS can support the automation of catalogue related processes. In addition, in Part 3 a number of strategies and measures are proposed (which to a big degree have already been started) for spreading the knowledge on the use of ePPS in industry and in SMEs. Part 3 also contains checklists which may guide companies and standard providers in their way to realize an ePPS for their meta data. Thus, the scope of this CWA contains: Overview on state of the art of product property servers in general Basic requirements concerning the data model under specific consideration of available standards, insurance of interoperability with users and other product property servers, multilingualism and requirements of people with special needs, etc.; Input/import and output/export formats, again under consideration of available standards Requirements for (web) services which are expected by users from a product property server Means to support a syntactic and semantic interoperability between different product property servers, in particular web services as defined in ISO 29002 and necessary specifications to relate other dictionary models, in particular ISO 13584, to the web service models and interfaces CWA 16100:2010 (E) 7 Requirements for keeping consistency between meta data and product data (validation of data, requirements coming e.g. from ISO 8000-110) Research of existing projects and data formats (e.g. VDI 3805) within HVAC industry dealing with metadata and compilation of a list of relevant aspects for a product property server in this field Requirements of the workflow management of development, distributed updating and maintenance of metadata content Requirements concerning workflows for the preparation of multilingual product property data, the control of correspondence between the data and the metadata, etc. Legal and economic requirements of a PPS (e.g. IPR, business model, licensing, etc.) Verification of available implementations regarding business model, licensing and IPRs Industry requirements on provision of metadata (e.g. access, format, tools, training, etc.) Types of skills and competences required Organizational requirements for companies to effectively use ePPS Activities to spread the knowledge on the use of ePPS and meta data in exchange processes Checklists to guide companies and standards organizations to develop their ePPS for managing their meta data


ICS-code 35.240.30
Engelse titel Guidelines for the design, implementation and operation of a product property server (ePPS)



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