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Voluntary Technology Dialogue Framework (VTDF)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2010
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This CWA aims to provide a framework for industry and regulator interaction through improved information exchange at key milestones. This is to be done in the development of new technology as well as for upgrades and modifications of existing technologies. Establishment of a framework would benefit industry, regulators and data subjects in the creation of a forum for dialogue regarding privacy benefits and concerns at an early enough stage in design where changes can still be made. Such a framework might be established at European level, but could also be realised at the international and/or national level. More specifically, the goal of the CWA is to develop a Voluntary Technology Dialogue Framework (VTDF) for data protection and privacy that will satisfy the needs of both industry and regulators and thereby provide benefit to data subjects. The VTDF will enable close information exchange between industry, regulators and internationally recognised legal and technical NGOs, experts and consultants from the public and private sectors during the development cycle of new technology, in order to provide fast and effective data protection assessments of new design concepts (including upgrades and modifications). In this respect the specific purposes of the project are: 1. To ensure better understanding of new technology and how to apply the data protection principles for both the industry and the regulators: to provide both better understanding of, and compliance with, data protection and privacy principles, as well as refining regulations and guidelines while building practical interpretation. to educate industry as to regulatory expectations in the context of new technology and to enhance regulators knowledge on related technical developments. to potentially reduce the reputational and financial risks to industry associated with developing new technology which, on reaching the market, are considered damaging to individuals’ privacy. 2. To promote privacy enhancing technologies, privacy protective or privacy friendly technology features and to reduce the risk of privacy invasive technologies being marketed.


ICS-code 35.240.50
Engelse titel Voluntary Technology Dialogue Framework (VTDF)



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