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Guidelines on a European Learner Mobility model


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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2010
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First, European and National policy stakeholders - as the main initiators and promoters of European and cross-cultural and trans-national learning, education and training (LET) policies and instruments - could be imagined as being above the diagram, looking down at the whole. They are represented here looking in from all sides of the diagram. Second, there are the three other stakeholder groups: (1) Learners, (2) Employers, and (3) LET organisations offering learning, education, and training opportunities. Each of these three stakeholder groups organises their information about LET around particular concepts that are useful to them: these are the arrows near the three sides of the diagram. In practice, this information is organised into structured sets: these are the boxes in the areas marked "Information Models". Some of these sets of information have agreed specifications of their electronic representation, some at present only have paper formats, which may or may not be generally agreed or standardized. The information models shown are only illustrative: on the employers' side, in particular, there are many more.


ICS-code 35.240.99
Nederlandse titel Guidelines on a European Learner Mobility model
Engelse titel Guidelines on a European Learner Mobility model



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