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Implementing e-Competence Framework into SMEs


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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2011
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The Commission services priorities for ICT standardisation in 2009, included in the EC 2009 ICT Standardisation Work Programme, mention the "European e-Competence Framework: methods and tools for the development, the promotion, the acceptance, the implementation and the maintenance of a European e-Competence Framework". In accordance with this priority, the eCF into SMEs project is focused on implementing the European e-Competence Framework (eCF) into ICT SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). This goal also opens up "the development of guidelines to facilitate the mutual recognition of training, transparency of qualifications" and related certifications, within SMEs. With respect to this, the objective of the project is to move ICT SMEs towards a greater awareness of their e-competence needs and e-certification opportunities, considering that skilled people are key success factors for business development and competitiveness. In particular, the project sets out to answer some questions arising in relation to ICT SMEs: - How SMEs' e-competence requirements may be estimated; - To what extent and how available competence-professional standards may be used; - Which e-certifications are suitable for SMEs; - To what extent they are different from and comparable to one another.


ICS-code 35.020
Nederlandse titel Implementing e-Competence Framework into SMEs
Engelse titel Implementing e-Competence Framework into SMEs



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