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CEN e-Invoice Gateway


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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2012
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The goal of this CWA is to highlight key aspects needed for the on-going operation and improvement of existing EIG services. These aspects were discussed, structured and developed during the course of workshops by individuals representing a wide spectrum of stakeholders (including Academics, Service Providers, Lawyers, Country Information Managers, etc...). Because the aim for the EIG in this phase of the workshop was to establish a sustainable operation of the Gateway beyond the lifetime of the e-Invoicing workshop phase 3, the content of this CWA is very different from that of any other CWA. The Chapters of the CWA deal with following aspects: - In Chapter 1 an introduction is given to the workshop and its workgroups. - Chapter 2 defines the scope of the CWA document - In Chapter 3 definitions and abbreviations essential to the understanding of the document were provided. These definitions are in accordance with the other CWAs of the workshop. - In Chapter 4 the EIG is defined. Points covered include its core purpose, core values, audience (in terms of customer segments), approach to meeting audience's needs and business goals. These various aspects were discussed, debated and approved by the stakeholders and then finalized within the workshop. - In Chapter 5, which is the core chapter of this CWA, a possible business model for the EIG is proposed and a balanced scorecard approach is used to highlight key areas for improvement for the EIG going forward (in terms of content and quality of service). It is necessary to point out that level of detail provided on these issues vary from generic (i.e. section about the approach for the development of further services) to detailed (i.e. representing specific state-of-the-art technical functions - for example the search engine discussions). This reflects the intention of the group to provide the future operators of the EIG with a framework tool to enhance the services provided on the portal and the technology in use. - In the Annex one will find screenshots of a Google Analytics Overview, a Monthly Google Analytics Report, the CIM Code of Practice (which is in progress) and the Request for Information Document which was sent out during the workshop to parties interested in taking over the operation of the EIG.


ICS-code 35.240.60
Nederlandse titel CEN e-Invoice Gateway
Engelse titel CEN e-Invoice Gateway



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