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Electronic invoicing - Part 1: Addressing and Routing

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2012
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Within the framework of CWA 16464-3 Conformance criteria for Interoperability between Electronic Invoicing Services, the scope of this deliverable, CWA 16464-1: “Addressing and Routing Status Review”, is predominantly to examine the present day selection, differentiation and usage of party identifiers in Addressing and Routing of e-Invoices and e-business messages in Europe to foster interoperability across Service Providers. The review’s focus is on Addressing of messages in an e-business environment. For the discussion of this subject, technical and commercial topics have to be considered. The view on these topics is specified by applying a three-layered model (content, messaging, transport) and sets the focus on the middle layer, which is about e-business messaging. The document further elaborates on the logical address identifiers in a message envelope, i.e. the ones used in messaging, e.g. the EDIFACT and CEFACT header segments, and the use of metaidentifiers for the differentiation of identification schemes, especially the International Code Designator (ICD) defined within the ISO/IEC 6523 standard. This document therefore focuses on the main issues related to these two aspects of Addressing: - What are the identifiers currently used for Addressing and how are the identification schemes they use specified? - How can we reconcile these identifiers to the network endpoint addresses the messages are routed to?


ICS-code 35.240.63
Engelse titel Electronic invoicing - Part 1: Addressing and Routing



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