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Standard documentation of chemical exposure models

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2015
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This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) establishes terms and definitions for exposure models and their elements, specifies minimum requirements for the amount and type of information to be documented on exposure models, and proposes a structure for communicating the documentation to different users. This document is applicable to the documentation of a wide range of exposure models (quantitative and non quantitative), including • environmental models describing the fate of chemicals in different media such as soil, air or water; • environmental models describing the chain of chemicals from the environment to humans, in particular via food (e.g. plants and animals), drinking water and other pathways, and • human exposure models (occupational, consumers) including toxicokinetic models but excluding toxicodynamic models. The documentation of the coupling of different exposure models that were developed independently and that can cause consistency issues is not the focus of this CWA. However, this CWA is applicable to models (or sub-models) originally designed to be consistently coupled. Excluded from the scope of this document are issues of - model coding and translation into software, - hazard assessment and risk assessment, - source characterization, and - legislation dependent aspects of exposure assessment such as tiered approaches and exposure assessment reporting.


ICS-code 03.120.30
Engelse titel Standard documentation of chemical exposure models



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