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Guidelines for the evaluation of installed security systems, based on the STEFi dimensions


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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2017
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CWA 17147 describes the methodology for the evaluation of security systems that are or will be applied in a specific context, applying the STEFi approach. The evaluation involves application of STEFi criteria in four dimensions, namely security, trust, efficiency and freedom infringement. These criteria are not only applied individually but also their interrelationships are taken into account and the STEFI approach thus provides a holistic view on the aspects and impacts of security systems. The aim is that the evaluation process described in this CWA will provide reproducible results; i.e. different evaluation bodies that apply the methodology to similar systems in a similar context, should reach similar conclusions. While the methodology that is described in this CWA is generally applicable to all types of security systems, the examples given and the list of assessment questions and requirements in Annex A are specifically related to planned and installed video-surveillance systems in a specific context.  The overall goal of the CWA is to provide a basis for including the STEFi approach for the evaluation of security systems in a certification scheme. The CWA excludes the certification scheme itself. The target group of this CWA are organizations that deal with evaluation of security systems and that are willing to enhance the scope of their evaluation in order to take into account the overall societal impact of these systems. The methodology is applicable to security systems in a specific context (i.e. installed or planned to be installed). A system is defined as a set of interrelated or interacting components. Individual components of security systems can be certified separately against applicable technical and other relevant standards; if so, it shall be taken into account as evidence for conforming with specific STEFi criteria.


ICS-code 13.310
Engelse titel Guidelines for the evaluation of installed security systems, based on the STEFi dimensions



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