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Aanbevelingen voor normeerders van Collectieve Vervoerssystemen - Behoeftes van oudere personen en personen met een handicap - Deel 1: Basisaanbevelingen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2004
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The present text provides guidance to writers of relevant standards relating to collective transport on how to take account of the needs of all passengers with reduced mobility, especially older persons and persons with disabilities. This document pursues the furtherance of globally accessible collective transport, that is to say, transport that can be used by everyone. Specifically, this document aims to: - Provide information and raise awareness on how passenger transport systems should be designed and the circumstances that should be taken into account so each of their elements is fully accessible. - Draw attention to the importance of taking account of the needs of people with disabilities when developing standards. - Raise awareness of the social importance of accessible collective transport (transport services for all). - To demonstrate that the benefits of accessible transport improve the quality of service (comfort, safety, convenience, etc.) for all users. - Make more apparent the potential increase in economic trading benefits through extending accessible transport to a wider population. - Emphasise the growing market potential. By the year 2010 about 25% of the EU population will be over 60 years and over 30 % by the year 2020. Many of the people who are in the older age groups have money and use this to travel. The percentage of disabled people in the EU will have risen from 11% today to 18% by 2020. Furthermore as the EU itself gets larger these percentages are likely to rise also. - Remind governments and planners that effective and accessible collective transport systems also save money because less social services funding is required to provide special transport services. - Currently many relatively small personal accidents and injuries occur whilst travelling. There is evidence to show that millions of Euros are spent each year on the personal and social cost of these. Many of these accidents could be prevented by more accessible and well designed walkways etc., as we recommend in this document. Again, governments and planners should take note of this fact. This document is applicable to all means of collective transport used at any time, in any place or for any reason. The document includes: - Terms and definitions, general considerations and some advice on using the document. - A series of tables intended to facilitate a review of the elements involved in transport systems to take account of the consequences of possible functional limitations affecting passengers. The structure of this document follows the outline of CEN/CENELEC Guide 6 "Guidelines for standards developers to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities", which may be regarded as the overall or general framework.


ICS-code 03.220.01
Nederlandse titel Aanbevelingen voor normeerders van Collectieve Vervoerssystemen - Behoeftes van oudere personen en personen met een handicap - Deel 1: Basisaanbevelingen
Engelse titel Guidelines to standardisers of Collective Transport Systems - Needs of older people and persons with disabilities - Part 1: Basic Guidelines



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