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Interoperability framework requirements specification for service to the home (IFRS)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2010
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This CWA contains a specification of an Interoperability Requirements Framework, specifying seven levels of interoperability, based on four groups of interoperability steps specified by five types of interaction, plus a methodology based on conformance clauses for satisfying requirements related to the claimed level of interoperability of devices installed in a Home and Building Electronic System (HBES, HES). It is applicable to installations of a single type of HBES, or that interconnect two or more dissimilar HBESs. Within a HBES of a single type any of its capabilities for service, applications and connectivity topology can be used. Interconnection technologies used to interconnect dissimilar HBES are similarly unconstrained. For applicable installations, the scope of its provisions applies to: the connection of devices to the various communications services to enable them to communicate end-to-end across internetworked media; the processes of discovery by which devices find out about each other and configuration to associate them with each other; and the generic aspects of application operation; and management. This CWA is not applicable to the interoperability required between devices to implement specific applications, such as heating or lighting control, energy management, or entertainment. The interoperability requirements defined in this CWA are necessary for such application interoperability but not sufficient. This CWA does not define how measurements are made; nor the algorithms that receive, process and respond to them; nor the interaction between users, service providers, and the HBES application(s). This is the responsibility of experts and organisations that specialise in particular application domains. The users of the CWA will be installers, system integrators, application designers and service providers of HBES applications and services. It will allow them to select devices and their functionality, including end-points and gateways and software applications hosted in them, that may be deployed in customer premises. Given specific application functional requirements, which are, as noted above, themselves a separate, vertical, collection of interoperability rules, the CWA will allow its users to select specific products consistent with their application objectives. Products can be substituted for each other with expectations that the system and its applications will continue to perform their specified function being set by the level of interoperability that is claimed.


ICS-code 97.120
Engelse titel Interoperability framework requirements specification for service to the home (IFRS)
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