IEC 60076-11:2018-RL en;fr

Energietransformatoren - Deel 11: Droge energietransformatoren (Redline versie met track changes)

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 190
Commissie Energietransformatoren en meettransformatoren
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2018
Taal Engels, Frans
IEC 60076-11 applies to dry-type power transformers (including auto-transformers) having values of highest voltage for equipment up to and including 72,5 kV and at least one winding operating at greater than 1,1 kV. This document does not apply to: • gas-filled dry-type transformers where the gas is not air; • single-phase transformers rated at less than 5 kVA; • polyphase transformers rated at less than 15 kVA; • instrument transformers; • starting transformers; • testing transformers; • traction transformers mounted on rolling stock; • flameproof and mining transformers; • welding transformers; • voltage regulating transformers; • small power transformers in which safety is a special consideration. Where IEC standards do not exist for the transformers mentioned above or for other special transformers, this document may be applicable as a whole or in parts. - THIS REDLINE VERSION PROVIDES YOU WITH QUICK AND EASY WAY TO COMPARE ALL THE CHANGES BETWEEN THIS STANDARD AND ITS PREVIOUS EDITION. A VERTICAL BAR APPEARS IN THE MARGIN WHEREVER A CHANGE HAS BEEN MADE. ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS ARE DISPLAYED IN RED, WITH DELETIONS BEING STRUCK THROUGH.


ICS-code 29.180
Nederlandse titel Energietransformatoren - Deel 11: Droge energietransformatoren (Redline versie met track changes)
Engelse titel Power transformers - Part 11: Dry-type transformers (Redline version with track changes)



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