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Laagspanningssmeltveiligheden - Deel 1: Algemene eisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2005
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This standard is applicable to fuses incorporating enclosed current-limiting fuse-links with rated breaking capacities of not less than 6 kA, intended for protecting power-frequency a.c. circuits of nominal voltages not exceeding 1 000 V or d.c. circuits of nominal voltages not exceeding 1 500 V. Subsequent parts of this standard, referred to herein, cover supplementary requirements for such fuses intended for specific conditions of use or applications. Fuse-links intended to be included in fuse-switch combinations according to IEC 60947-3 should also comply with the following requirements. The object of this standard is to establish the characteristics of fuses or parts of fuses (fuse-base, fuse-carrier, fuse-link) in such a way that they can be replaced by other fuses or parts of fuses having the same characteristics provided that they are interchangeable as far as their dimensions are concerned. For this purpose, this standard refers in particular to: - the following characteristics of fuses: a) their rated values; b) their insulation; c) their temperature rise in normal service; d) their power dissipation and acceptance; e) their time/current characteristics; f) their breaking capacity; g) their cut-off current characteristics and their I 2 t characteristics. - type test for verification of the characteristics of fuses; - the marking of fuses.


ICS-code 29.120.50
Nederlandse titel Laagspanningssmeltveiligheden - Deel 1: Algemene eisen
Engelse titel Low-voltage fuses - Part 1: General requirements
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