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Alarm- en elektronische veiligheidssystemen - Deel 5-1: Alarm transmissiesystemen - Algemene eisen

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Alarmsystemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2014
Taal Engels, Frans
IEC 60839-5-1 specifies the requirements for the performance, reliability, resilience and security of alarm transmission systems and ensures their suitability for use with different types of alarm systems and annunciation equipment. An alarm transmission system may use any type of transmission network. When the ATS functions are integrated into an alarm system or annunciation equipment the requirements of this standard apply. This standard specifies the requirements for alarm transmission systems providing alarm transmission between an alarm system at supervised premises and annunciation equipment at an alarm receiving centre. This standard applies to transmission systems for all types of alarm messages such as fire, intrusion, access control, social alarm, etc. Different types of alarm systems may in addition to alarm messages also send other types of messages, e.g. fault messages and status messages. These messages are also considered to be alarm messages in the context of this standard. The term alarm is used in this broad sense throughout the document. Additional alarm transmission requirements of specific types of alarm systems are given in the relevant standards. The intended users of this standard include alarm transmission service providers, alarm receiving centre operators, fire departments, insurance companies, telecommunication network operators, internet service providers, equipment manufacturers, alarm companies, end users and others.


ICS-code 13.320
Nederlandse titel Alarm- en elektronische veiligheidssystemen - Deel 5-1: Alarm transmissiesystemen - Algemene eisen
Engelse titel Alarm and electronic security systems - Part 5-1: Alarm transmission systems - General requirements



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