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Reliability testing - Compliance test plans for success ratio

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2019
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IEC 61123 is intended to define a procedure to verify if a reliability of an item/system complies with the stated requirements. The requirement is assumed to be specified as the percentage of success (success ratio) or the percentage of failures (failure ratio). This document can be used where a number of items are tested (number of trials performed) and classified as passed or failed. It can also be used where one or a number of items are tested repeatedly. The procedures are based on the assumption that the probability of success or failure is the same from trial to trial (statistically independent events). Plans for fixed trial/failure terminated tests as well as truncated sequential probability ratio tests (SPRTs) are included. This document contains extensive tables with ready-to-use SPRT plans and their characteristics for equal and non-equal risks for supplier and customer. In the case of the reliability compliance tests for constant failure rate/intensity, IEC 61124 applies.


ICS-code 03.120.01
Engelse titel Reliability testing - Compliance test plans for success ratio



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