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Elektrische uitrusting voor meting, besturing en laboratoriumgebruik - EMC-eisen - Deel 1: Algemene eisen (Redline versie met track changes)


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Status Definitief
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Commissie Industrieel meten, regelen en automatiseren
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2012
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IEC 61326-1 specifies requirements for immunity and emissions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for electrical equipment, operating from a supply or battery of less than 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c. or from the circuit being measured. Equipment intended for professional, industrial-process, industrial-manufacturing and educational use is covered by this part. It includes equipment and computing devices for - measurement and test; - control; - laboratory use; - accessories intended for use with the above (such as sample handling equipment), intended to be used in industrial and non-industrial locations. Computing devices and assemblies and similar equipment within the scope of Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and complying with applicable ITE EMC standards may be used in systems within the scope of this part of IEC 61326 without additional testing, if they are suitable for the intended electromagnetic environment. It is generally considered that this standard takes precedence over the corresponding generic EMC standards. The following equipment is covered by this standard. a) Electrical measurement and test equipment This is equipment which, by electrical means, measures, indicates or records one or more electrical or non-electrical quantities, also non-measuring equipment such as signal generators, measurement standards, power supplies and transducers. b) Electrical control equipment This is equipment which controls one or more output quantities to specific values, with each value determined by manual settings, by local or remote programming, or by one or more input variables. This includes Industrial Process Measurement and Control (IPMC) equipment, which consists of devices such as: - process controllers and regulators; - programmable controllers; - power supply units for equipment and systems (centralized or dedicated); - analogue/digital indicators and recorders; - process instrumentation; - transducers, positioners, intelligent actuators, etc. - THIS REDLINE VERSION PROVIDES YOU WITH QUICK AND EASY WAY TO COMPARE ALL THE CHANGES BETWEEN THIS STANDARD AND ITS PREVIOUS EDITION. A VERTICAL BAR APPEARS IN THE MARGIN WHEREVER A CHANGE HAS BEEN MADE. ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS ARE DISPLAYED IN RED, WITH DELETIONS BEING STRUCK THROUGH.


ICS-code 17.220
Nederlandse titel Elektrische uitrusting voor meting, besturing en laboratoriumgebruik - EMC-eisen - Deel 1: Algemene eisen (Redline versie met track changes)
Engelse titel Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - EMC requirements - Part 1: General requirements (Redline version with track changes)



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