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Transformatoren voor omzetters - Deel 1: Transformatoren voor industriƫle toepassingen

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Commissie Energietransformatoren en meettransformatoren
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2011
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This Part of IEC 61378 deals with the specification, design and testing of power transformers and reactors which are intended for integration within semiconductor converter plants; it is not applicable to transformers designed for industrial or public distribution of a.c. power in general. The scope of this International Standard is limited to application of power converters of any power rating. Typical applications are: thyristor rectifiers for electrolysis; diode rectifiers for electrolysis; thyristor rectifiers for large drives; thyristor rectifiers for scrap melting furnaces, and diode rectifiers feeding inverters for variable speed drives. The standard also covers the regulating unit utilized in such application as step down regulating transformers or autotransformers. The valve winding highest voltage for equipment is limited to 36 kV. This standard is not applicable to transformers for HVDC power transmission. These are highvoltage transformers, and they are subjected to d.c. voltage tests. The standards for the complete converter plant (IEC 60146 series, or other publications dedicated to particular fields of application) may contain requirements of guarantees and tests (such as insulation and power loss) for the whole plant, including the converter transformer and possibly auxiliary transformers and reactor equipment. This does not relieve the application of the requirements of this standard concerning the guarantees and tests applicable to the converter transformer itself as a separate component before being assembled with the remainder of the converter plant. The guarantees, service and type tests defined in this standard apply equally to transformers supplied as part of an overall converter package, or to those transformers ordered separately but for use with converter equipment. Any supplementary guarantee or special verification has to be specifically agreed in the transformer contract. The converter transformers covered by this standard may be of the oil-immersed or dry-type design. Unless specific exceptions are stated in this standard, the transformers comply with IEC 60076 series for oil-immersed transformers, and with IEC 60076-11 for dry-type transformers.


ICS-code 29.180
Nederlandse titel Transformatoren voor omzetters - Deel 1: Transformatoren voor industriƫle toepassingen
Engelse titel Converter transformers - Part 1: Transformers for industrial applications



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