IEC 61914:2015-RL en

Kabelzadels voor elektrische installaties

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2015
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IEC 61914 specifies requirements and tests for cable cleats and intermediate restraints used for securing cable in electrical installations. Cable cleats provide resistance to electromechanical forces where declared. This standard includes cable cleats that rely on a mounting surface specified by the manufacturer for axial and/or lateral retention of cables. - THIS REDLINE VERSION PROVIDES YOU WITH QUICK AND EASY WAY TO COMPARE ALL THE CHANGES BETWEEN THIS STANDARD AND ITS PREVIOUS EDITION. A VERTICAL BAR APPEARS IN THE MARGIN WHEREVER A CHANGE HAS BEEN MADE. ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS ARE DISPLAYED IN RED, WITH DELETIONS BEING STRUCK THROUGH.


ICS-code 29.120.20
Nederlandse titel Kabelzadels voor elektrische installaties
Engelse titel Cable cleats for electrical installations



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