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Ontladingslampen (uitgezonderd fluorescentielampen) - Veiligheidspecificaties

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2016
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IEC 62035 specifies the safety requirements for discharge lamps (excluding fluorescent lamps) for general lighting purposes. This International Standard is applicable to low-pressure sodium vapour lamps and to highintensity discharge (HID) lamps, i.e. high-pressure mercury vapour lamps (including blended lamps), high-pressure sodium vapour lamps and metal halide lamps. It applies to single- and double-capped lamps, having caps as listed in Annex A. This standard only concerns safety criteria and does not take into account performance. The performance standards IEC 60188, IEC 60192, IEC 60662, IEC 61167 and IEC 61549 should be referred to for such characteristics. It may be expected that lamps which comply with this standard will operate safely at supply voltages between 90 % and 110 % of rated supply voltage and when operated with a ballast complying with IEC 61347-2-9 and IEC 60923, with a starting device complying with IEC 61347-2-1 and IEC 60927, and in a luminaire complying with IEC 60598-1.


ICS-code 29.140.30
Nederlandse titel Ontladingslampen (uitgezonderd fluorescentielampen) - Veiligheidspecificaties
Engelse titel Discharge lamps (excluding fluorescent lamps) - Safety specifications



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