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Ononderbroken voedingen - Deel 2: Eisen ten aanzien van elektromagnetische compatibiliteit (EMC)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2016
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IEC 62040-2 is a type test product standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and applies to movable, stationary, fixed or built-in, pluggable and permanently connected UPS for use in low-voltage distribution systems with an environment being either residential, commercial, light industrial or industrial, which deliver output voltage with port voltages not exceeding 1500 V DC or 1000 V AC and which include an energy storage device. Subject to installing, operating and maintaining the UPS in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer, this standard defines emission limits, immunity levels, test methods and performance criteria for a complete UPS to comply with the essential EMC requirements necessary to avoid the UPS interfering with other apparatus, e.g. radio receivers, and to avoid the UPS being affected by external phenomena. This standard does not address EMC phenomena produced by loads connected to the UPS or situations created by any apparatus external to the UPS other than as described in the immunity requirements. This standard is harmonized with applicable IEC standards for electromagnetic emission limits and immunity levels. It contains additional requirements applicable to UPS. This standard does not cover: a) low-voltage DC power supply devices covered by IEC 61204 standards; b) systems wherein the output voltage is derived from a rotating machine.


ICS-code 17.220
Nederlandse titel Ononderbroken voedingen - Deel 2: Eisen ten aanzien van elektromagnetische compatibiliteit (EMC)
Engelse titel Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) - Part 2: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
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