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Framework for energy market communications - Part 450: Profile and context modelling rules

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2013
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This part of IEC 62325 defines how to create a profile from the common information model and the context modelling rules related to this task. This standard is to be applied to IEC 62325 series. An harmonised standard, IEC 62361-101, is presently under development, which will supersede this current standard. The common information model (CIM) is an abstract model that represents all the major objects in an electric utility enterprise. The CIM IEC 62325-301 caters for the introduction of the objects required for the operation of electricity markets. It is important to note that the definition of a complete and detailed energy market model is beyond the scope of the IEC 62325 series standards since energy markets do not necessarily have the same approach to market operations. However, in relation to information interchange, an extensible and adaptable core set of information model definitions in UML can be defined. The information model definitions can be used as a controlled vocabulary to enable utilities to interface with the market along with the use of standardised XML schema design rules to ensure consistent mapping between the UML model and the XML implementation schema as well as a uniform identification scheme. By providing a standard way of representing all these components as object classes and attributes, along with their relationships, the CIM facilitates the integration of market management system (MMS2) applications developed independently by different vendors, between entire MMS systems, or between an MMS system and other systems concerned with different aspects of energy market operations. In particular, CIM enables the efficient integration of information interchanges between electricity market actors participating in various market business processes irrespective of the MMS system supplier for each independent business process. The CIM facilitates integration by defining a common language (i.e. semantics and syntax) based on the CIM to enable these applications or systems to access public data and exchange information without depending on the internal representation of the information. This document provides the modelling rules necessary to ensure that contextual models derived from the CIM are in conformity with the CIM model. It ensures modelling consistency and avoids ambiguity between objects by providing a clear understanding on what they are based within the CIM.


ICS-code 33.200
Engelse titel Framework for energy market communications - Part 450: Profile and context modelling rules



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