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Radiation protection instrumentation - Security screening of humans - Measuring the imaging performance of X-ray systems


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Status Definitief
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Commissie Kerntechnische instrumentatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2014
Taal Engels, Frans
IEC 62709 applies to security screening systems that utilize X-ray radiation and are used to inspect people who are not inside vehicles, containers, or enclosures. Specifically, this standard applies to systems used to detect objects carried on or within the body of the individual being inspected. This standard does not include requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility, radiological, electrical and mechanical safety. These requirements are covered in IEC 62463:2010. The following types of systems are included in the scope of this standard: - Systems designated as fixed, portal, transportable, mobile or gantry. - Systems employing detection of primary radiation, backscattered radiation, forwardscattered radiation, (see Annex D) or some combination of these modalities to form twodimensional X-ray images. - Systems that are primarily imaging but that also may have complementary features such as material discrimination, automatic active or passive detection alerts. This standard will not address how to test these complementary features. The objective is to provide standard methods of measuring and reporting imaging quality characteristics that enable system manufacturers, potential system users and other interested parties to: a) Establish a consistent indicator of the expected technical performance of screening systems used for the inspection of individuals. Such technical performance testing complements explicit detection testing and evaluation. In this standard ?detection? refers to items in an image. b) Provide repeatable and verifiable imaging performance data that can be used to compare systems from different vendors. c) Establish a baseline that can be used over time to calibrate the system or detect any performance degradation. (It is not intended that the entire test method be employed for daily quality assurance testing.) d) Establish minimum acceptable performance requirements for the systems described above.


ICS-code 13.280
Engelse titel Radiation protection instrumentation - Security screening of humans - Measuring the imaging performance of X-ray systems



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