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Real-time Ethernet - Real-time Automatiserings Protocol voor Industrieel Ethernet (RAPIEnet)

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2008
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In industrial control systems, several types of field devices may be connected to control networks. These include drives, sensors and actuators, programmable controllers, distributed control systems, and human-machine interface devices. The process control data and the state data are transferred among these field devices in the system, and the communications between these field devices requires simplicity in application programming to be executed with adequate response time. In most industrial automation systems, the control network is required to provide time-deterministic and predictable response capability for applications. Plant production may be compromised due to errors that could be introduced into the control system if the network does not provide a time-deterministic response. Therefore, the following characteristics are required for a real-time Ethernet-based control network: a) a time-deterministic response time between the control devices; b) the ability to share process data seamlessly across the control system. RAPIEnet is applicable to such an industrial automation environment in which timedeterministic real-time communications are a fundamental requirement. This PAS specifies the protocol set necessary for RAPIEnet, specifically for the data link layer and the application layer, which is mapped on top of the data link layer, to exploit the services in accordance with the three-layer fieldbus reference model, which is based in part on the OSI Basic Reference Model. Both reference models subdivide the area of standardization for interconnection into a series of layers of manageable size. Throughout this PAS, the term "service" refers to the abstract capability provided by one layer of the OSI Basic Reference model to the layer immediately above. This PAS consists of a) physical layer specification; b) data link layer service definitions; c) data link layer protocol specification; d) application layer service definitions; e) application layer protocol specification. The service of both the data link and the application layer in this PAS is a conceptual architectural service, independent of administrative and implementation details. The data link layer describes the extension of the ISO/IEC 8802-3 data link layer for RAPIEnet, and the application layer describes the utilization of the upper layer functions over the RAPIEnet data link layer protocol.


ICS-code 25.040.40
Nederlandse titel Real-time Ethernet - Real-time Automatiserings Protocol voor Industrieel Ethernet (RAPIEnet)
Engelse titel Real-time Ethernet - Real-time Automation Protocol for Industrial Ethernet (RAPIEnet)
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