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Device embedded substrate - Guidelines - Data format

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2015
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This part of IEC 62878 defines the data format for active and passive devices embedded inside an organic board whose electrical connections are made by means of a via, electroplating, conductive paste or printing of conductive material. The basic structures, the terminology, reliability tests and a design guide are described in the “Standard of device embedded substrate", JPCA EB01, fourth edition. A device embedded substrate contains device(s) in the board and is connected in a 3D way. Conventional 2D design technology using GERBER format cannot describe all the connection information in a device embedded substrate. We have several proposals to express 3D data formats but they cannot describe the structures given in EB01. The JPCA Committee for standardization of device embedded substrates has studied various formats and developed a format, FUJIKO V-1.0, which can express substrate design data in CAM data used in actual production. This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) described the FUJIKO data format. Figure 1.1 shows the design flow of a device embedded substrate. The design data can be directly sent to a board manufacturing system using the FUJIKO format, or can be converted to CAM data and then be used in production. The data contain 3D information of coordinates and shapes of devices used. It is possible to check the status of device embedding in a board, and also make it a common knowledge in production know-how of a production line. This PAS describes the expression of 3D data information, the concept of layers, the structure of board data, and definitions of information repeatedly used in design.


ICS-code 31.180
Engelse titel Device embedded substrate - Guidelines - Data format



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