IEC/TR 61366-1:1998 en;fr

Hydraulische turbines, opslagpompen en pompturbines

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-1998
Taal Engels, Frans
Referred to herein as the Guide, is intended to assist in the preparation of Tendering Documents and tendering proposals and in the evaluation of tenders for hydraulic machines. The object of this technical report is to provide a general guide for preparation of Tendering Documents (TD) for the supply, installation and testing of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps, and pump-turbines herein fererred to as hydraulic machines as defined in 2.2. of this publication. This technical report considers the case where both equipment supply and site installation are carried out by the same Contractor. In those cases where site installation is not included in the scope of work, the Tendering Documents should include supplementary provisions for site supervisory services to be provided by the equipment supply Contractor and for day-to-day interface within the site installation Contractor.


ICS-code 27.140
Nederlandse titel Hydraulische turbines, opslagpompen en pompturbines
Engelse titel Hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines - Tendering Documents - Part 1: General and annexes (IEC 61366-1:1998)



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