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Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 90-3: Using IEC 61850 for condition monitoring diagnosis and analysis

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2016
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Since the outcome of this work will affect several parts of IEC 61850, in a first step, this technical report has been prepared to address the topic from an application specific viewpoint across all affected parts of IEC 61850. This approach is similar to what is done as an example with IEC 61850-90-1 for the communication between substations. Once this technical report has been approved, the affected parts of the standard will be amended with the results from the report. The major part of the work will consist in defining new logical nodes that contain the information for condition monitoring. It is important that the existing standards are analyzed with regard to information that is already available today. The information available in these logical nodes can as well be useful for asset management systems. Another important aspect is a homogenous modelling approach that is to be used as well by other domains with a similar scope. Therefore, this technical report will include a chapter that describes the basic modelling approach that was used. This technical report will address communication aspects related to specific sensor networks that are widely used as well as information exchange towards asset management systems where the IEEE PC37.239 is applicable, but it is not specific for the Condition Based Monitoring. Several IEC technical committees cooperate to achieve harmonized (unified) models for CMD applications. Other areas of IEC work affected by the information contained in this technical report are: Overhead lines; Power transformers; Switchgear and controlgear; Electrical cables; Instrument transformers; and Wind turbines. The parameters which are identifying this new namespace are: - Namespace Version: 2015 - Namespace Revision: A - UML model file which reflects this namespace edition: wg10uml02v18a-wg18uml02v11bwg17uml02v17c- jwg25uml02v04c.eap, UML model version WG10UML02v18 • Namespace release date: 2015-10-05 • Namespace name: “(Tr)IEC61850-90-3:A” The namespace “(Tr)IEC61850-90-3:A" is considered as "transitional" since the models are expected to be included in next editions of IEC 61850-7-4xx International Standards (IS). Potential extensions/modifications may happen if/when the models are moved to the International Standard status. Only the new data objects and CDCs which are not said to be inherited from existing LNs will be tagged with this namespace name. The others should still refer to the namespace where they are primarily defined." Clauses 13 through 15 and their subclauses including XML enumerations are automatically generated from the UML model.


ICS-code 33.200
Engelse titel Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 90-3: Using IEC 61850 for condition monitoring diagnosis and analysis



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