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Aardlekschakelaars en additionele functies

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2015
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IEC/TR 62170 provides information concerning the possible use of: - dedicated additional function(s) declared by a manufacturer as suitable for an assembly with declared RCDs complying with IEC standards for household and similar uses; - specific RCDs complying with IEC standards for household and similar uses having integrated additional function(s). This TR identifies the applicable testing procedure to determine the effect on the normal functioning of specific RCD(s) declared suitable with one or more additional function(s) integrated into or added to or assembled with this specific RCD. This TR may also be used to draft additional requirements to standards for additional function(s) intended to be combined with RCDs for household and similar applications. This TR provides a procedure based on an assessment in order to identify the necessary testing to demonstrate compliance with the appropriate requirements. If the assessment of the additional function integrated in the RCDs concludes that the additional function does not impair the RCD, no additional test is required by this TR. Where more than one additional function(s) can be simultaneously associated with one or several RCD(s), the possible combinations is checked by considering the most severe ones.


ICS-code 29.200
Nederlandse titel Aardlekschakelaars en additionele functies
Engelse titel Residual current devices (RCDs) associated with additional functions(s)



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