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Leidraad om kooldioxide en 2-furfuraldehyde in minerale isolatie-oliën te interpreteren als indicatoren voor paperveroudering

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 23
Commissie Vloeistoffen voor elektrotechnische doeleinden
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2015
Taal Engels
IEC TR 62874, which is a Technical Report provides guidance for the estimation of consumed thermal life of transformers' cellulosic insulators, through the analysis of some compound dissolved in the insulating mineral oil. A comparison between analytical results of 2-furfural (2-FAL) and carbon oxides and their correspondent typical values estimated for different families of equipment gives information on the estimated thermal degradation of papers. The ageing rate of insulating papers can be evaluated, in short time ranges (e.g. 1 year), by regularly monitoring 2-FAL and carbon oxides content in the oil and by comparing them to typical rates of increase. A statistical approach for the estimation of paper thermal degradation, and the evaluation of ageing rate is given. Typical values for concentrations and rates of increase of the parameters related to paper ageing were extrapolated from a statistical database collected, and are reported in Annex A. They may be used as a rough guide, but they should not be considered as threshold values. This Technical Report is only applicable to transformers and reactors filled with insulating mineral oils and insulated with Kraft paper. The approaches and procedures specified should be taken as a practical guidance to investigate the thermal degradation of cellulosic insulation, and not as an algorithm to calculate the actual degree of polymerization (DP) of papers. The paper thermal life evaluation protocol described in this Technical Report applies to mineral oil impregnated transformers and reactors, insulated with Kraft paper. Any equipment filled with insulating liquids other than mineral oil (i.e. esters, silicones) or insulated with solid materials other than Kraft paper (i.e. TUP - thermally upgraded Kraft paper, synthetic polymers) is outside of the scope of this Technical Report. This Technical Report is applicable to equipment that has been submitted to a regular monitoring practice during the service, and for which maintenance and fault history is known.


ICS-code 29.040.10
Nederlandse titel Leidraad om kooldioxide en 2-furfuraldehyde in minerale isolatie-oliën te interpreteren als indicatoren voor paperveroudering
Engelse titel Guidance on the interpretation of carbon dioxide and 2-furfuraldehyde as markers of paper thermal degradation in insulating mineral oil



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