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Smart grid standardization roadmap

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Commissie NEN normalisatieplatform Smart Grids
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2017
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IEC/TR 63097 provides standards users with guidelines to select a most appropriate set of standards/specifications (either existing or coming, from IEC but possibly coming from other bodies) fulfilling the set of Smart Energy use cases, then relevant for Smart Energy project implementation. It provides a summary of the core standards which form the pillars of the Smart Energy standards set. Then the main areas of Smart Grid are investigated. The structure of this document has evolved in order to embrace the full scope of Smart Grids. A new first area introduces the general IEC framework. Then standards are presented, following these main guidelines: - standards in relation with electrotechnics (planning the grid, integrating DER, coping with power electronics, coping with DC grids, and impact on the low voltage installations). - standards related to communicating systems, divided into nineteen sections: generation management systems, FACTS, energy management systems, blackout prevention systems, advanced distribution management systems, distribution automation systems, smart substation automation systems, distributed energy resources operation systems, advanced meter infrastructure, meter-related back office systems, market place systems, demand response and load management systems, HBES/BACS systems, industrial automation systems, electrical storage management systems, electro-mobility systems, weather forecast systems, asset management and condition monitoring systems, microgrid systems. - standards which cover cross-cutting areas such as communication, data modelling, cybersecurity, authentication, authorization, accounting, clock management, EMC, power quality, functional safety. Annexes provide - tables which indicate for each standard its main area of use; - an overview of the core IEC standards; - references to known Smart Grid/Smart Energy roadmaps provided by some regional bodies. In total, this document identifies over 500 relevant standards/specifications and/or standard parts for the considered domain. Five electrotechnical domains, nineteen specific systems and nine cross-cutting topics have been analysed.


ICS-code 29.240
Engelse titel Smart grid standardization roadmap



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